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  • Website design and development
  • Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)
  • Retargeting / Remarketing
  • Social Media Marketing

Who we are

We are a team of young devs and digital marketing experts. We have been freelancing for some time before uniting into a startup team. Now we are here.

Our clients always receive long-lasting ROI. We guarantee the return of investments because of our high-quality products and services. What do these services include?.

  • Smooth website development.
    Smooth website development.
  • Viral UI and intuitive UX design.
    Viral UI and intuitive UX design.
  • Complex SEO analysis of the website.
    Complex SEO analysis of the website.
  • SMM that leads to conversions.
    SMM that leads to conversions.
  • Retargeting that works and much more.
    Retargeting that works and much more.


Well, we are living in the 2020s, so no business can make profits without an online presence. It’s perfect when you have omni-channel digital marketing. And we know how to do it for you.

If you have an idea, drop us a line. We will turn it into the website that will make conversions. Your customers will not only be excited about buying on your website. They will return to you. Constantly. We love what we do, and we will make the clients adore your product or service.

Our Digital Marketing Services

Our services

Website design


Do you need a trendy, attractive, and viral website design for your new project?

Or maybe you have an old app or a website you need to redesign?

We are here for you. Our designs work and get results the clients expect from us.

Why Do People Choose Us? Top-7 Reasons.

  • We would make the website or an app viral even if the former design were from the 1990s.
  • We have worked in digital marketing for years and have the expertise you need.
  • We have a pricing plan for you according to your budget.
  • We are always here for you. Contact us anytime.
  • We will put your website at the top of Google rankings.
  • We make the mobile version of your website flawless.
  • We don’t work with templates. Custom development only.

Top-3 Qualities Of The Website We Made

1) Its mobile version looks flawless.

design In the 2020s, you can’t find a place on the top of Google results without a perfect mobile version of your website. Our websites look flawless on iPhones, Androids, MacBooks, iPads, Windows, and Linux-based computers. So the search engines love our sites.

2) Its design is made from scratch, no templates used.

design Your website is the first thing the client sees while googling your brand. So we know it should be unique and refer to the true spirit of your brand. And we know how to do it fastly and flawlessly. Again: no templates used.

3) Its ranks on Google are high.

design Your website has to bring you new clients from the first day of its launch. SEO-optimized meta descriptions, alt tags, links, and much more are included in the price. You can order a separate service of SEO-analysis and optimization for the existing website. We will make it work for you again!

Website development


The websites we make are responsive and fast-working. They attract customers with the smoothness. People trust our sites because they look flawless, work fast, and feel reliable. Sites made by us are easy to find on Google because of SEO. And this fact creates even more trust in our company.


We want our clients to enjoy the website we made for the long term. So we work hard on the security and reliable structure. Every website we create is thoroughly tested before release. No bugs allowed in the code, our QA team takes care of that.


We want our clients to spend their budgets wisely. So we don’t offer template-based solutions. They might seem cheaper in the short-term. But it costs a lot to customize the template or optimize its backend. It’s almost impossible to make a smooth mobile version of the template-based website.

But no worries. Your website won’t cost you an arm and a leg despite the fact it will be custom. Please contact us, and we will find a satisfying solution for you.

Retargeting / Remarketing


98% of customers who left without a purchase can be brought back with the retargeting. But it needs to be done in the smart way. We segment your target audience and make different ads according to their position on the sales funnel.

General ads will follow those who browsed all your content. Ads with special offers on particular goods will be seen by those who put these goods into their buckets. Also specific ads will be targeted on those who seeked particular items.

Top-3 Reasons Why Do People Choose Us:

  • People keep coming and buying because of the retargeting we set.
  • The ads we create perfectly fit the needs of the target audience.
  • The methods we use are data-driven, and we always have plan B.

People tend to buy what they see often. It’s a subconscious mechanism that works for centuries. So if you need a long-term cooperation with your customers, retargeting is your best choice.

To set the remarketing up, you will need to tell us about it. We will put a small piece of code on your website. It won’t affect the performance, and the potential clients won’t notice it.

Each time a new browser visits your site, this code drops a browser cookie there. It anonymously continues to track the further way a person navigates the web. This cookie will let your retargeting provider know when, where, and which ad to show.

This is a simple, legal, and efficient way to convert every visitor of your website into a client.


Remarketing and retargeting are efficient because they focus on people who are already interested in your brand. So you spend your marketing budget not on attracting new people, but on moving the traffic you have to the next stage of the sales funnel.

Retargeting and remarketing show better results when it comes to ROI than the traditional marketing channels. Also, retargeting and remarketing create a communication between a person and a brand. In the 2020’s people value this, especially the Gen-Z consumers.

Social Media Marketing



Your brand needs an audit before we will start working with your social media. Every step we take when we work in the SMM field is custom. The strategy we’ll develop will fit your business goals. Here are the examples of queries we receive from potential customers.

  • Make the brand viral.
  • Improve engagement rates.
  • Generate more sales.
  • Bring more leads.
  • All of the above.

After you choose the goal, and we audit your business, we develop a strategy. Then we start making and posting the materials that your audience will adore. They include posts, photos, videos, GIFs, and more.

We engage your customers in the discussions, moderate and answer the comments according to the chosen strategy. As a result, your social media will thrive.

Top Reasons Why Do People Choose Us For Working With Their SMM:

  • We are here for you. 24/7, we are ready to answer your questions and correct the strategy according to your needs.
  • We follow the hottest trends. So your account will be trendy.
  • The research drives our confidence and results. We can explain why we do this or that.
  • We combine creativity and wisdom. We know you need results and ROI, and you will get them — in the most creative way!

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)



With proper SEO, you can save a pile on attracting the traffic to your website. The more traffic you get, the more people know about your brand. Ergo, the more clients you get.

  • An initial site audit for those who come to us with the existing but not-so-good working websites.
  • A full competitor and keyword research. The results will let us understand how to make you #1 in the current market situation.
  • Creation of a viral content that will make people share your website for free.
  • A link-building that will empower the domain authority of your website, which is a good thing.
  • A robot-made, custom tracking, and reporting on all the changes to your website’s position and efficiency.

Without a search engine optimization, your online presence won’t bring you a dime. We know how to make your website prosper. High competitiveness in your niche won’t scare us off. We will optimize your website on all levels.

Most of the websites we develop are on the top of Google search results. And some stay here for a long time, depending on the niche. If you want your website to stay on the first page of Google for years, let us know. We will schedule a re-optimization on time.

Our SEO-strategic analysts have experience in almost every niche. So we know the pains of your clients and the pitfalls of Google algorithms. This magic combination will make your website a magnet for your audience.


  • We never seek easy solutions. We work hard to bring your results while you can sit back and relax.
  • We won’t stop until we’ll lead you to results. Not only the numbers in reports, but your revenue is our goal.
  • We got expertise. We know the pitfalls of Google algorithms and are always ready to change the strategy.


  • Local SEO is the best way for land-based businesses. If you own a restaurant, a grocery shop, or a hair salon, this will be a perfect choice for your website. We will help your business to appear on featured snippets so people will come to you.
  • eCommerce SEO is the best choice for internet stores. People ready to buy your product will come to your website. If you own a land-based store with internet retail, it’s best to combine eCommerce and Local SEO.
  • Lead Generation SEO is the best practice for coaches, influencers, and media persons. People interested in your services will come directly to the target page and get in touch with you.